Backup Open Thread

This is an open thread for when crayfisher goes down.


4 thoughts on “Backup Open Thread

    • Ok, I’ve copied all to my own hd.

      Thanks for leaving my log of attempts this long. I hoped someone at Crawdad would see it and diagnose what’s with the spam filter. I haven’t got through for a couple of days now, not even a ‘moderation’ message.

      I don’t have Miq’s or Crawdad’s email.

      If they’ve deliberately banned me (which I doubt) they’re missing a chance for open insult. 😉

      My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. <- took this out for ya – vm

      • My email is no secret. I posted it in hopes it will get to Miq or Crawdad and they will email me to tell me if they’ve deliberately banned me or else try to work out the problem.

        1950democrat at gmail

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