Fight Like A Girl: Lessons learned from Hillary to Sarah

Never Say Never

What have we learned from the journeys of Hillary & Sarah? What knowledge have they bought us with their valiant struggles against media immolation and backdoor power shenanigans?

Two women, equally impressive in record and accomplishment, of opposing politics, of different generations, both beloved by the voters of their party’s base, share a remarkably parallel journey that has done more to reveal the truth about our rotten political system in 4 years than most of us could ever imagine.

One: A strong woman leader, one who is determined to lead, will be ostracized, attacked, and backstabbed by her own party establishment. Their own party’s establishment will break any rule, move any date, do everything, to prevent the base from voting for them.  A strong woman’s greatest obstacle to cracking the ultimate glass ceiling is her own party.

Two: The media will lie shamelessly, repeatedly and filthily, to convince us that a strong woman leader is unacceptable. They will invite us to rhetorically stone her and goad us to commit atrocities against her. The media is the propaganda arm of the establishment’s backers.

Three: That a strong woman leader will nevertheless endure and thrive and do what she does best – lead. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton in the State Department keeping the USA safe despite the President’s booberies, or Sarah Palin in Wasilla as the lone voice in politics with the guts to point out the Crony Capitalism is what is killing the USA — you just can’t get these women to shut up and sit down.

Four: That we, the people, deserve better than this rotten DonkyPhant of a political party. A party that presents a liberal face to the left, and a conservative face to the right, but really is in place only to ensure the continued looting of the country for the benefit of the most powerful. One of the greatest things we can do for our children’s future will be to destroy the DonkyPhant party and the permanent political class for ever. This is not democracy. This is plutocracy. This is the slow death of everything our country was founded on. Don’t consent to it. Resist. Reform. Restore.

Whether you count yourself a PUMA, a Tea-Partier, or a 99%er, we all share one goal – to restore democracy to America.


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