The Primary Wars have begun

(Originally published here)

Remember how I said I was dreading the coming primary wars?

I think they have begun, sparked by Tucson.
The memorial rally is a clear signal to me that the President WILL seek re-election. He’s not anticipating a primary challenge, so the campaign is already focused on side-lining probable general election contenders.

The MOTU want a contest between two bought and paid for corporatists – a true win-win for them. The President is determined to be the winning corporatist. The GOP have any number of wannabes to replace him.

Any action taken by the msm or the admin that doesn’t seem to make sense will make sense when viewed in the light of “how does this affect 2012?”

The pipes are calling, the whistles sounding, the drums of war are beating. Tribes and clans are being called to once again assemble. Are you ready to pick a side or will you stay neutral and be universally reviled?

This has been a public service announcement by your jaded and cynical neighborhood cassandra.

Please have a nice day.


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