Sarah Palin’s Alaska episode 1

(Originally published here and not very well-received, to put it mildly.)

Updated Disclaimer: This recap is not an endorsement of Sarah Palin or her politics. This is a lefty blog. It is a starting point for a discussion of her campaigning/marketing strategy and I hope to do a future post on that.

Disclaimer: I like Sarah Palin (political stances aside) so I have a favorable bias.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska starts off with Sarah supervising 9 year old Piper and cousin McKinley make cupcakes. Piper, like all 9yos (including mine), waits until mom isn’t looking and licks the whisk … and the spoon. Sarah says “Don’t put it back!” –too late. Piper, apparently, also calls her mom “Sarah” when she wants to catch her attention. Piper tells the camera that her mom is addicted to the Blackberry.

They have a new neighbor who is a journalist keeping a watch on them (shot of neighbor on porch with face blurred out).

Sarah, Todd, Piper and McKinley go salmon fishing in bear country. Piper, morosely, “We are never catching a fish.” There are brown bears, including a Mama Bear & two cubs. Another bear comes along too. Piper growls at the bear and Sarah tells her to stop. Todd asks Piper if she want him to catch her a fish and he does catch one.

By this time I have been grinning several times. Piper is a scene stealer and Sarah and Todd are playing the roles of just nice, down-to-earth, loving parents very credibly. Todd then gets some focus and Sarah describes him as a great helpmate. Which is pretty amazing way for a conservative woman to describe her husband. (That’s always been one of the striking things about the Palin marriage – it seems, from the outside at least, to be an actual sort of partnership any feminist would want in a marriage.)

They then have some at home shots with Willow, and later a trip to Mt. McKinley. They try to go fly out there but the weather turns bad and they go home to try again tomorrow (metaphor?). They go out the next day and start trecking over snow tied together with a guide. They try to go up a rock face, the guide first, then Sarah, then Todd. Sarah is nervous about going up. Sarah gets stuck half-way up and says she hates heights. The guide says, “That’s what the gymnastics and cheerleading was for.” Sarah “I wasn’t a gymnast or a cheerleader!” She’s stuck long enough that I start to wonder if she will go up, and start to hope that she does manage to go up, when finally she does.

Sarah says Todd hates heights too and is not going to like it. The guide says Todd is eager to go and loves speed. Sure enough Todd clambers up “like a goat” and makes it look easy.
Sarah at the end “um, how do we get down?”

Teaser for next week — Bristol locks & loads.

I enjoyed watching it. I wish all political puff pieces were as wholesome and entertaining.

(Rahm Emmanuel’s Chicago?)


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