Catfood Commission lacks logic

(Originally published here)

So the Catfood Commission wants to:

1) raise the Social Security retirement age to 69 – when we are near 10% unemployment (and more like 22% real unemployment when you count people who have given up looking) – this will just make unemployment WORSE as it forces older workers to cling to their jobs instead of freeing up jobs to younger workers.

2) ignore the fact that Social Security is solvent and wants to blame Social Security (money that belongs to us and is earmarked for us) for the federal governments blowing all it’s tax revenues on Wall Street bail outs. Social Security is not the federal government’s money and should not be used to pay for anything other than Social Security. It is a public trust that they were entrusted to administer.

3) remove tax deduction for mortgages – just as we are in a foreclosure (or should I say fraudclosure) crisis.

4) freeze incomes of anyone whose incomes they can freeze — soldiers, workers, and worst of all seniors (by pegging SS to slow-rising inflation instead of wages). We are in a depression, not enough money is circulating, consumers are not spending, and they want to decrease the amount of money that is circulating by cutting incomes

5) remove tax deductions for charitable giving — see number 4. Charitable giving is one if the few incentives the rich hoarders have to let some of their looted wealth back into the economy. They want to stop that too.

It goes on. Every single recommendation is penny-wise and pound-foolish. Downright Scrooge-ish. They claim they want to forestall a “Deficit Disaster” — apparently they want to prevent some hazy future disaster by Killing The Economy Right Now.

Fix the economy, create jobs, throw the fraudsters and the banskters in jail. Then the deficit will take care of itself.

As Riverdaughter says: Accountability before Austerity.


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