Who to vote for Governor?

(Originally published here)

I need input about my own upcoming vote for Governor in PA. The choices are Tom Corbett (R) and Dan Onorato (D). Onorato is what we usually call GOP-lite, and either way it’s going to be a lot of budget cuts next year. Normally I would hold my nose & vote for the D candidate because the governor has so much impact on local conditions and D’s are at least nominally more in line with my views.

But healthcare is the kicker. Corbett, the R candidate, is actually the current state Atty Gen and he is one of the state AGs’ that sued ObamaCare in that Florida case where Judge Vinson is allowing the constitutionality issue to go forward. And here are what Corbett & Onorato are saying about ObamaCare in debate:

“I think it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to tell us what we have to buy. The ends do not justify the means. I’m not sure we need the government to tell us how to run healthcare or be involved in the healthcare system,” Corbett said on Saturday night.

” Republicans just said no to everything in Washington. The federal government had to do something because the status quo didn’t work. Right now what I’m going to do as Governor is implement the federal healthcare bill by 2014 so we have affordable, accessible, quality healthcare and let PA be the leader in healthcare providers,” Onorato said.

So I find myself agreeing with Corbett rather than Onorato on this one issue, which is actually a federal issue… now I wonder if I should vote for Corbett, or leave it blank…

Then there is Marcellus Shale drilling. Corbett & Onorato are both for drilling, but Onorato at least wants a tax on that earmarked for environmental protection.
On the other hand, that says nothing on how either one of them are going to be on safety and regulations.

What do you think? And how are you going to vote in your local & state races?


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