Ave 2012

(Originally published here, to some consternation)

Last week I talked about how the Haves strategically use hate as a means of keeping the Have-nots divided.

It occurs to me that there is a certain kind of hate that is particularly important to the Haves: misogyny – the hatred of women. The reason it is so important is that women leaders are a threat to the Hate Paradigm. Across human cultures, the primal image of woman as mother carries with it the emotional response to women as embodiments of compassion and fairness. Historically, women have been the primary leaders of reform through-out the world.

A powerful woman would have the ability to knock down the artificial hate barriers and unite the Have-nots. That is the greatest fear of the Haves — unity among the Have-nots.

So I offer a prayer:

Ave 2012

Hail Hillary, full of grit
Big Dawg is with you
Steel-spined art thou amongst liberals
Victorious be thy campaign

Holy Sarah, Mama Grizzly
Lock and load, never surrender
Now, and at the day of election



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