Strategic Hate Management

(Originally published here)

My first Corrente post. Just an observation of what is becoming glaringly obvious, and not a prescription.

Americans are angry, and rightly so. Since the start of the century, we have seen our health, our livelihoods, and our rights systematically being stripped away by politicians in collusion with the mega-rich. The people-in-charge of this looting should be quaking in their well-shod feet at the wrath of regular Americans, but they have employed the traditional prophylactic against “revolting peasants”– the designated hate target.

Republicans were the face of looting from 2000-2006. Their designated hate targets are the Terrorists Who Hate Us for Our Freedoms and the Illegal Immigrants Who Steal Our Jobs. Notice how the framing of these targets attempts to flatter us — we are so free! our jobs are worth stealing! And this is used to justify stripping away the civil rights that make us free, and shipping what few jobs we actually do have overseas.

In 2006 the Democrats gained control of Congress. Policy changes were remarkably absent. This must be because of those hateful Republicans. In 2008 Democrats gained control of the entire Executive branch of government. The policies of looting accelerated at an unprecedented pace. This was still somehow because of the hateful, ignorant, red-neck, narrow-minded, bigoted Republicans. See, Republicans are the designated hate targets of the Democrats, and how they are framed also flatters us — we are educated, open-minded, compassionate, genteel.

In summary, the Republicans tell us to hate the scary brown people who will either blow up our buildings or steal our jobs and the Democrats tell us to hate the Republicans. All the while both of parties enact policies that rob us blind and give the proceeds to their big donors.

Hate is a lovely, lovely, tool. No oligarchy can long survive without it.

There is no left in America. There is no right in America. There is only the haves and the have-nots.


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